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How to : clean your vape.

Keeping your vape tank clean is an important part in maintaining the performance of your e-cigarette and can have a huge impact on the flavour payoff of your e-liquids. When e-liquid builds up between refills, it will coat the inside of your tank as well as the coil and wicking material, leaving a layer of old and gloopy liquid. This will affect


How to: keep on top of vaping etiquette.

Whether you are new to vaping or you have been at it for a while, keeping on top of vaping etiquette is very important. Unless you are in the comfort of your own home, it can be quite difficult to know what's right and what’s wrong when it comes to vaping, as different places have different rules and guidelines.   For example, we all know


How to : change your vape coil.

What is the coil? The coil is the part on your device that heats up the e-liquid and vapurises it. The coil resistance depends on how many wraps of wire you have, the gauge and type of wire. Low resistance coils produce warmer vapour and larger clouds, whereas high resistance coils produce a cooler vapour with less current. The resistance of your


Vaping components : what's what?

Vaping components: what’s what?   Whether you are new to vaping or you have been vaping for years, some of the terminology can be complicated and off-putting. Well, fear not! We are here to break down some of that complex lingo and make vaping easier for you. There are plenty of good beginner devices out there, but it’s always handy to


Most Common Vaping Questions

The most commonly asked vaping questions. 1. What is vaping? Vaping is the inhaling of a vapour typically produced by an electronic cigarette (e-cig). An e-cig is a device that simulates the process of smoking tobacco from a real cigarette, but without all the nasty chemicals. As this device produces vapour and not smoke, this is why it is known


PG vs. VG

This ingredient does not interfere with the flavour of e-liquids. It provides an extremely suitable base and acts as an anti-oxidant to help preserve shelf life. It is commonly used within the food industry as a preservative, and also used within the medical industry for things such as inhalers


Disposable bars: the facts.

Disposable vape bars are pen-like devices that are pre-filled with around 2ml of e-liquid. They come with a pre-charged battery and can be easily disposed of once the battery runs out. Typically, they are filled with a 20mg flavoured Nic Salt,


Is Vaping Better Than Smoking?

All recent studies highlight that vaping is much better than smoking. With Public Health England stating that electronic cigarettes are 95% safer than smoking and Cancer Research UK supporting vaping in the fight against smoking related diseases.


Vaping Devices: What’s best for you?

If you're thinking about buying your first device and don't know where to start then we can give you some advice that will help you along the way. There are many options to choose from so it can be overwhelming at first, especially if you are new to vaping. There are just a few factors that you need to consider when looking for the best e-


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