How to : change your vape coil.

How to : change your vape coil.

What is the coil?

The coil is the part on your device that heats up the e-liquid and vapurises it. The coil resistance depends on how many wraps of wire you have, the gauge and type of wire. Low resistance coils produce warmer vapour and larger clouds, whereas high resistance coils produce a cooler vapour with less current. The resistance of your coil will also determine what type of e-liquid is best for you.


How often should you change your coil?

Depending on how often you use your vape and the heat levels you use will determine how long your coil lasts. The PG/VG ratio of your liquid can also burn it out faster (if you use a high VG liquid it will burn your coil much quicker). 

If you are a regular, heavy vaper you should change your coil at least once a week. Although this sounds like a lot it will be very beneficial for you as it will make your vaping experience much nicer. If you are a Sub-Ohm vaper, this rule also applies to you as the thicker liquid can clog up your coil quicker than a lower VG/PG liquid.

If you are a moderate vaper you may only need to change your coil every two weeks. This is because the coil won’t be getting as hot as often.

If you are a light vaper, or social vaper you may only need to change your coil every 3 or 4 weeks.


How will you know when it needs changing?

The easiest way to know when your coil needs changing is the change of taste in your vapour, as it will start to taste burnt or different than usual. This happens due to the wicking material not being able to absorb the liquid properly which will affect the flavour and the amount of vapour produced. Your device may also be producing less vapour than usual, or may start to leak.


So, how do I change the coil?

Each device is different to the next, but the general rule of thumb on how to change a coil still applies.

  • Firstly, unscrew the battery from the tank and turn it upside down, then unscrew the metal bottom cap.
  • Unscrew the coil head from the bottom cap (it may be covered in residue so have some tissues handy!) and screw your new coil into it.
  • You then need to put a few drops of liquid onto the part of the wicking material that is sticking out (this helps to prime the coil and will reduce the chances of you getting a dry hit).
  • Put all the pieces of your tank back together again and fill it up with your chosen liquid. When you have double checked there are no leakages and everything is screwed back on airtight, you can put the battery back on your tank.
  • Ensure you wait a few minutes before vaping. This is so the liquid can saturate the wicking material properly.


You are then ready to go!

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