Vaping components : what's what?

Vaping components : what's what?

Vaping components: what’s what?


Whether you are new to vaping or you have been vaping for years, some of the terminology can be complicated and off-putting. Well, fear not! We are here to break down some of that complex lingo and make vaping easier for you. There are plenty of good beginner devices out there, but it’s always handy to know how things work. So, first of all you have probably the simplest part of your e-cigarette; the mouth-piece, otherwise known as the drip-tip. This is where you will take your inhalations from. Sometimes, they can get blocked with a little bit of liquid. All you need to do is give it a quick blow or use the end of a cotton-bud (If it is wide enough) to give it a little clean. The size of your mouth-piece will depend on what type of vaping you use. If you like to inhale more vapour and release more clouds, then a larger drip-tip will be better suited for you.

Next up we have the atomizer, clearomizer and cartomizers. These three are pretty much the same thing. An atomizer is the part of the device where the liquid is vaporised, and it will contain a coil and a wick which is usually made from cotton. A clearomizer is just an atomizer that’s clear, which is the most popular type of atomizer so you can see the e-liquid inside. A cartomizer is a device that attaches straight to the end of the battery, and most of the time they are pre-filled and replaceable.

The wick is usually made from cotton, which absorbs the liquid and controls how much of it reaches the coil in one go. This ensures that there isn’t too much vapour being created and you don’t burn your device out.

However, there are more starter kits being developed with a tank instead of a clearomizer, and tanks are also more commonly used for advanced vapers. A tank is basically a larger version of a clearomizer. A modern vape tank can handle much more power than a clearomizer, therefore you will get a better vapour production and overall better flavour.

Your device will also contain a battery. This is a rechargeable lithium battery that can heat the atomiser up quickly in seconds. You will need a charger for this.

Now for the best part, the e-liquid. This is a mixture of VG, PG and flavourings. If you are unaware of what VG & PG are, have a look at our previous blog. E-liquids typically come in 50ML and 100ML shortfills which nicotine is added too. They come in an extremely large selection of flavours, so whether you’re into fruity flavours, dessert flavours or even if you love that taste of tobacco, there is sure to be something out there for you.

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