Beginners Guide

Vaping for beginners

Making the switch from convectional cigarettes to vaping can be as seamless and as stress free as you want it to be. There is no pressure worrying about the next nicotine hit or your final cigarette, the only change you will experience is the method in which your nicotine is delivered to you. 

We have a wide selection of products for you to use and at Blackstone Distribution and we can can help you find the right liquid that is suitable for you. 

Vaping has many benefits; one of the main and most important facts is that you are transitioning into a smoke free world. Another main important factor is the cost saving element of switching. Cigarettes have risen dramatically in price, when you compare that to the cost of vaping for a full year there really is no comparison.

The initial price of setup for a new vaper is roughly between £25-40 for your average starter kit that will include a bottle of e-liquid. Depending on the strength that you use and how frequent you use the device, this will cost you around £3-8 a week for your e-liquid. Depending on the device you use will also depend on the coils that you will need for your tank. We would recommend that you replace the coil every 1-2months to keep you e-cig in a healthy condition and your vape tasting the very best. A pack of coils can cost you anywhere between £6-15. The total average cost per annum to vape is £546. The average cost of smoking per year is roughly between £2340 -£5000 a year.

We have a wide selection of e-liquid products for you to use and at Blackstone Distribution and we can can help you find the right liquid that is suitable for you.

We have a wide variety of 10ml TPD e-liquids in a variety of strengths for you choose from. Vape Simply is one of our core brands that is very popular with both new and experienced vapers. We have over 50 different flavours to choose from in 4 different strengths. Vape Simply has a 50:50 PG/VG ratio this provides the perfect balance of taste, falvour and vapour production. We know that there will be an e-liquid that you will love. 

Browse through some of our other core brands such as Zombie Blood, The Juiceman, Rush e-liquid and many more. We stock many different ranges that include Nicotine Salts, Shortfills and including our popular 10ml TPD e-liquids.

Our Shortfill e-liquid is available in different size bottle starting from 60ml, 100ml and even 200mls.




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