What are they and how do they work?

Nic Shots

Nicotine shots are used in shortfill e-liquid bottles to allow you to create the desired strength of nicotine you vape. 

The different shortfill bottle options are 50/60ml, 100ml/120ml and 200/250ml. Nicotine shots are usually available in a strength of 15mg and 18mg. Depending on the size of the shortfill or the strength you want, will depend on how many nicotine shots you need.

Nicotine is an alkaloid made from a mixture of plants. By itself, nicotine acts as a stimulant, but is not one of the many chemicals in traditional cigarettes that causes cancer. On average you will need one 18mg shot in a 50ml bottle to make 3mg of e-liquid. In a 100ml bottle size you will require two shots to create a 3mg.

If you use the 15mg strength, then the nicotine level will be slightly lower. Here is a table to give some examples of the sizes and strengths you will create in a shortfill e-liquid bottle:


Nicotine Shot Strength  Bottle Size  Number of Nic Shots End Strength
18mg 50ml 1 3mg
18mg 50ml 2 6mg
18mg 100ml 2 3mg
18mg 100ml 4 6mg
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